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Portrait of Zemba Zembola from The Life and Adventures of Zamba, 1847


Inside cover from The Life and Adventures of Zamba, showing author, editor, and publisher information

Zamba Zembola (born c. 1780) is the author of a 1847 narrative, "The Life and Adventures of Zamba, an African Negro King; and his Experience of Slavery in South Carolina", which describes his kidnapping and 40 years of labor as a slave on a plantation in the U.S. state of South Carolina.

Early life and slavery[]

Born in Congo, Zebola was not in his twenties when he befriended Captain Winton, one of the Western traders with whom his father the king did business. Winton provided Zebola with an education and eventually with passage on his slave ship to America. A free man, Zebola recorded the squalid conditions in which the slaves were kept. Upon his arrival to the United States, he lost his freedom when he was seized and sold into slavery. Forced to work for over 40 years on a plantation in South Carolina, he published his autobiography The Life and Adventures of Zamba, an African King in 1847, after obtaining his freedom.[1]

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