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William Paul Roberts
Personal Information
Born: July 11, 1841(1841-07-11)
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Died: March 28, 1910 (aged 68)
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Allegiance: United States of America
Confederate States of America
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Branch: Confederate States Army
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Rank: Brigadier General
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Battles: American Civil War
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William Paul Roberts (July 11, 1841-March 28, 1910) was a brigadier general in the Confederate States Army during the American Civil War. He was the youngest Confederate general officer to serve in the War.

Early life[]

William Paul Roberts was born July 11, 1841 in Gates County, North Carolina the son of John S. and Jane Roberts.[1]

Civil War[]

In 1861, at the age of 19, Roberts enlisted in Company C of the 19th Regiment North Carolina Infantry, which would later be designated as the 2nd Regiment NC Cavalry. Having served with distinction during regimental operations in North Carolina, but with no formal military training, he was promoted to third lieutenant on August 30, 1861. On September 13, 1862, Roberts was promoted to First Lieutenant. Roberts' regiment was transferred to Virginia in the fall of the same year and took part in several battles, among them: Battle of Fredericksburg, Battle of Suffolk, and Battle of Brandy Station. On November 13, 1863, Roberts was promoted to captain and then major before the spring of 1864, when he fought in the North Carolina brigade of William Henry Fitzhugh Lee's division. He was promoted to colonel in June 1864 and during the Siege of Petersburg, he was given command of the 2nd Regiment NC Cavalry. Roberts led a charge against Union breastworks, dismounted, overtook the rifle pits and captured several Union soldiers at the Second Battle of Ream's Station on August 25, 1864. On February 23, 1865, Roberts was promoted to brigadier general. According to tradition, General Robert E. Lee presented Roberts with Lee's personal gauntlets in recognition of Roberts' distinguished service. Roberts continued the command of his brigade at the Battle of Five Forks, and eventually surrendered at the Battle of Appomattox Court House, on April 9, 1865.[1]

Post War life[]

Following the War, Roberts returned to Gates County, NC where he married Eliza Ann Roberts. He entered state politics as the representative for Gates County at the Constitutional Convention in 1875. In 1876, Roberts was elected to the North Carolina legislature. He eventually became a state auditor and served in that capacity from 1880 until 1888.[1]


William Paul Roberts died in Norfolk, Virginia on March 28, 1910. He is buried in his home county at Gatesville, North Carolina.[1]

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