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William M. Wherry
Personal Information
Born: September 13, 1836(1836-09-13)
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Died: November 3, 1918 (aged 82)
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Other Information
Allegiance: File:Flag of the United States.svg United States of America
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Branch: United States Army
Union Army
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Rank: Major General
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Commands: Company D, 3rd U.S. Reserve Missouri Infantry
Battles: American Civil War
Spanish American War
Awards: Medal of Honor
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William M. Wherry (September 13, 1836 – November 3, 1918) was an American author, soldier and recipient of the Medal of Honor,[1]


Wherry was born in St. Louis, Missouri. He served on the frontier against the Indians and during the Spanish American War.[2] Wherry retired at the rank of brigadier general in the United States Army. Wherry is the author of "Lyon's Campaign in Missouri".[2]

While serving in the American Civil War, as a First Lieutenant of Company D, 3rd U.S. Reserve Missouri Infantry, Wherry was awarded the Medal of Honor for actions at the Battle of Wilson's Creek on August 10, 1861. Wherry's Medal of Honor was issued after the war on October 30, 1895 with the citation "Displayed conspicuous coolness and heroism in rallying troops that were recoiling under heavy fire".[1]

After the Civil War, Wherry served as a Brevet Colonel while assigned to Headquarters First Military District in Richmond, Virginia.[3]

Wherry died on November 3, 1918 in Cincinnati, Ohio.[4]

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