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Walter Phelps Jr.
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Walter Phelps Jr. (b. ? – February 28, 1878) was an officer in the Union Army throughout the American Civil War, ending the war as commanding general of the First Iron Brigade. Phelps was born in New York, however the date is unknown because his records are believed to have been lost in a fire in his native home.

Civil War[]

Phelps was appointed Colonel of the 22nd New York Volunteer Infantry Regiment that mustered in on June 6, 1861 for two-years service. Colonel Phelps later assumed command of the 1st Brigade, 1st Corps, 1st Division, after General Hatch was transferred out of the Brigade.

Colonel Phelps wrote: "In compliance with orders from General Hatch, I assumed command of his brigade Sunday, September 14, [1862] at 10 a.m. The column of General Hooker's corps was then moving through Frederick toward Middletown on the pike."

He was then in command of the First Iron Brigade but at this time it was known simply as the "Iron Brigade" because at this time the "Iron Brigade of the West" had not gained its acclaim. At the Battle of Antietam however the "Iron Brigade of the East" supported and rescued the "Iron Brigade of the West". Phelps' Iron Brigade advanced through the cornfield early on the 17th in close support of General John Gibbon's Iron Brigade. The 14th Brooklyn under his command helped the 6th Wisconsin Volunteers as a Confederate charge was about to push them back through the cornfield. Phelps' Brigade got the farthest during the action, the 14th Brooklyn being the only regiment to reach Dunkard Church and hold their waiting for reinforcements to arrive.

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