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Gideon W. Thompson
Personal Information
Born: February 18, 1823(1823-02-18)
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Died: 1903] (aged Expression error: Unrecognized punctuation character "]".Expression error: Unrecognized punctuation character "]".)
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Other Information
Allegiance: United States of America
Confederate States of America
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Branch: Confederate States Army
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Rank: Colonel
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Battles: American Civil War
*Siege of Lexington
*Battle of Pea Ridge
*First Battle of Independence
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Gideon W. Thompson (February 18, 18231903) was a colonel in the Confederate Army American Civil War. He assumed command on the field after the fall of Brigadier General John T. Hughes at the First Battle of Independence.

Early life and career[]

Gideon W. Thompson was born in Todd County, Kentucky to Robert C. Thompson and Evaline (Roberts). They relocated to Howard County, Missouri while Gideon was a toddler.

Civil War[]

Wounded at Independence. McGhee's dates of commissions/resignation.


Date of death unclear (1902/1903), place of burial unclear (Clay County?)