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Thomas Algeo Rowley
Personal Information
Born: October 5, 1808(1808-10-05)
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Died: May 14, 1892 (aged 83)
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Allegiance: United States of America
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Branch: Union Army
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Rank: Brigadier General
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Battles: Mexican-American War
American Civil War
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Thomas Algeo Rowley (October 5, 1808-May 14, 1892)was a Union Army general in the American Civil War from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Early life[]

Thomas Rowley was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on October 5, 1808. He served as a captain in the Mexican-American War, mustered in on October 8, 1847 and mustered out on July 18, 1848. Otherwise, he worked as a cabinet maker.

Civil War Service[]

Rowley served as colonel of the 13th Pennsylvania Regiment from April 25, 1861 to August 6 of the same year. He then became colonel of the 102nd Pennsylvania Regiment. He was wounded at the Battle of Fair Oaks, while leading his regiment in the Army of the Potomac. He (briefly) led a brigade in VI Corps at the Battle of Fredericksburg. Promoted to the rank of brigadier general to rank from November 29, 1862, Rowley next commanded a brigade of I Corps at the Battle of Chancellorsville. He was acting commander of third division I Corps at beginning of the Battle of Gettysburg, while MG Abner Doubleday was acting corps commander. (Chapman Biddle led Rowley's brigade.) On July 1, 1863, the brigade suffered heavy casualties confronting Confederates from Harry Heth's division. He was thrown from his horse during the retreat. Following a confrontation between Rowley and BG Lysander Cutler, Doubleday had the former removed for drunkenness and disobeying orders. Rowley was convicted by a court martial, although some officers testified on his behalf. Although reinstated by order of Secretary of War Edwin M. Stanton, Rowley was assigned only a district command in western Pennsylvania, his home region. Not being given a field command, he resigned his commission on December 29, 1864.

Post war[]

Thomas Rowley later served as a U. S. marshal and practiced law. He died in Pittsburgh on May 14, 1892. Rowley is buried in Allegheny Cemetery in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

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