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Theodore Frelinghuysen Jewell
Personal Information
Born: August 5, 1844(1844-08-05)
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Died: July 26, 1932 (aged 87)
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Other Information
Allegiance: United States of America
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Branch: United States Navy
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Rank: Rear Admiral
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Commands: USS Essex
USS Marblehead
USS Minneapolis
USS Columbia
USS Brooklyn
USS Olympia
Battles: American Civil War
Spanish-American War
*Battle of Manila Bay
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Theodore Frelinghuysen Jewell (August 5, 1844-July 26, 1932) Rear Admiral United States Navy.


Jewell was appointed an acting midshipman on November 29, 1861 when he entered the US Naval Academy. His class of 1865 graduated early on November 22, 1864. He served on the USS Colorado, at the Naval Observatory in Washington, D.C. and at the U.S. Naval Academy. During the Civil War while still at the Naval Academy, in the summer of 1863 when the nation's capital was threatened by Gen. Robert E. Lee's forces, he was in command of a fleet of howitzers at the US Naval Yard for the defense of Washington, D.C.

File:Theodore Frelinghuysen Jewell House.JPG

Captain Theodore Jewell House in Washington, D.C.

Jewell was involved in peacekeeping activities from the USS Tuscarora in Seoul Korea, Panama in 1872, and Hawaii in 1874 during the election of King Kalākaua.

In 1879 he was executive officer of the frigate USS Constitution. From January 1893 to February 1896 he was superintendent of the Naval Gun Factory at the Washington Navy Yard.

Jewell served with Admiral Dewey at the Battle of Manila Bay and later commanded the European squadron of the American Fleet in March 1904 when he was made a rear admiral. He retired in November 1904.

He was the son of Thomas and Eleanor (Spencer) Jewell, born in Washington D.C. on August 5, 1844. On June 15, 1871 he married Elizabeth Lindsay Poor, daughter of rear admiral Charles Henry Poor. They had one son Commander Charles T. Jewell.

Admiral Jewell died July 26, 1932 at his residence in Washington, D.C. and was buried in Arlington National Cemetery.

Dates of Rank[]

  • Midshipman: July 16, 1862
  • Ensign: November 1, 1866
  • Lieutenant: March 12, 1868
  • Lieutenant Commander: March 26, 1869
  • Commander: January 26, 1885
  • Captain: February 1, 1898
  • Rear Admiral: March 15, 1904

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"The United States Naval Gun Factory" by T.F. Jewell, "Harpers Monthly", Vol 89, Issue 530, July 1894, pgs 251-261.
The Morgan Report, the US Senate investigation into the events surrounding the Hawaiian Revolution of 1893.

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