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The Battle of Gettysburg
Directed by Charles Giblyn
Thomas H. Ince
Produced by Thomas H. Ince
Written by Charles Brown
Thomas H. Ince
Richard V. Spencer
C. Gardner Sullivan
Starring Willard Mack
Charles K. French
Release date(s) June 1 1913
Running time 5 reels (50 minutes)
Country United States
Language Silent
English intertitles

The Battle of Gettysburg is a 1913 silent drama film directed by Charles Giblyn and Thomas H. Ince. The film is now considered to be lost, although some battlefield footage was used by Mack Sennett in his comedy Cohen Saves the Flag, which was shot on location alongside this production.[1] However there are claims that The Battle of Gettysburg was screened in France in 1973. [2]


  • Willard Mack - Abraham Lincoln
  • Charles K. French
  • Herschel Mayall
  • Walter Edwards
  • J. Barney Sherry
  • Ann Little (as Anna Little)
  • George Fisher
  • J. Frank Burke
  • Enid Markey
  • Gertrude Claire
  • Shorty Hamilton
  • Burton L. King
  • Joe King
  • Nat Pendleton (unconfirmed)
  • Frank Borzage - Bit Part (uncredited)
  • William Desmond Taylor - Bit Part (uncredited)

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