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Stephen Decatur Trenchard (July 11, 1818 – November 15, 1883) was an American naval officer, born in Brooklyn, New York. He became a midshipman at the age of 16, was promoted to passed midshipman in July, 1840, was wrecked in the Washington off the coast of North Carolina in 1845, was attached to the Saratoga during the Mexican-American War, became a lieutenant in 1847, and was slightly wounded while serving under Tattnall when that officer assisted the English in their attack on the Pei-ho forts in China.

During the U.S. Civil War he served on the Rhode Island, was made commander in July, 1862, and participated in the bombardments of Fort Fisher in 1864 and 1865.

He was promoted to be captain in 1866, commodore in 1871, and rear Admiral in 1875, commanded the North Atlantic squadron in 1874-76, and retired in 1880.



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