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Stephen Decatur Carpenter
Born 21 May 1818(1818-05-21)
Foxcroft, Piscataquis County, Maine, U.S.A.
Died 31 December 1862 (aged 44)
Battle of Stones River, Rutherford County, Tennessee
Cause of death Killed in Action
Residence Maine
Nationality American
Citizenship U.S.A.
Education United States Military Academy
Known for U.S. Army Officer
Parents Joshua Carpenter[1], Susan Heald

Stephen Decatur Carpenter, born May 21, 1818 in Maine.[2] A United States military officer from 1840 to his death on the last day of 1862. He served through four major and one minor conflicts with honor and respect for his Country.

West Point[]

He was appointed to the United States Military Academy at West Point, serving as a Cadet from July 1, 1836 through graduation on July 1, 1840.[3]

Service in the West[]

After graduation he served in the Second Seminole War from 1840–1841, in the War with Mexico from 1846–1847, and on frontier duty in south and west Texas from 1848–1861, including being wounded in a skirmish with the Comanches.[4] On August 20, 1855, he established Fort Lancaster in western Texas to guard the San Antonio-El Paso road.[5]

Civil War[]

When the American Civil War broke out, he served garrison and staff duty at Key West, Florida, and Indianapolis, Indiana, and combat duty in the Tennessee and Mississippi Campaign with the Army of the Ohio.[6] He was killed in action in the Battle of Stone's River (called the Battle of Murfreesboro in the South) Tennessee on December 31, 1862.[7][8]


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