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Battle of Dalton
Part of the American Civil War
Date August 14–15, 1864
Location Whitfield County, Georgia
Result Union victory
United States United States (Union) Confederate States of America CSA (Confederacy)
James B. Steedman Joseph Wheeler
District of Etowah Wheeler's Cavalry Corps
Casualties and losses
? ?

The Second Battle of Dalton was fought August 14–15, 1864, between Union and Confederate forces in Whitfield County, northern Georgia. The Union force from the District of Etowah was commanded principally by Maj. Gen. James B. Steedman and the Confederate cavalry corps by Maj. Gen. Joseph Wheeler. After Wheeler's cavalry raided the northern part of Georgia, fighting began after a refusal of Union forces to surrender the area. The Union forces greatly outnumbered the Confederate causing them to retreat to a location just outside of the town. Eventually in the early morning hours of August 15, Wheeler withdrew from the fight, leading to a Union victory at Dalton.

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