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Sandusky House
U.S. National Register of Historic Places
Sandusky House, Lynchburg VA, November 2008
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Location: 757 Sandusky Dr., Lynchburg, Virginia
Coordinates: 37°22′48″N 79°11′49″W / 37.38°N 79.19694°W / 37.38; -79.19694Coordinates: 37°22′48″N 79°11′49″W / 37.38°N 79.19694°W / 37.38; -79.19694
Built/Founded: 1808
Architect: Unknown
Architectural style(s): Federal
Governing body: Historic Sandusky Foundation
Added to NRHP: July 26, 1982
NRHP Reference#: 82004571


The Sandusky House is a historic home located at Lynchburg, Virginia. It is a formal two-story, brick "I" house built about 1808, with a later addition. It was built for Charles Johnston, and is one of the earliest houses in the Lynchburg area to display the architectural details and refinements characteristic of Federal design. In 1864, during the Battle of Lynchburg, Sandusky served as Union headquarters. Among those quartered there were Gen. David Hunter and future Presidents Rutherford B. Hayes and William McKinley, who served on Hunter's staff. Other buildings on the property consist of two 20th-century tenant houses, one frame and one brick.[2] It is currently operated by the Historic Sandusky Foundation as a house museum related to the American Civil War.[3]

It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1982.[1]



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