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Preston, c. 1861-62

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Samuel W. Preston (6 April 1840 – 15 January 1865) was an officer in the United States Navy during the American Civil War.


Born in Canada, Preston was appointed Midshipman from the state of Illinois on 4 October 1858. Graduating first in his class, 9 May 1861, he was appointed Acting Master on 4 October 1861, and Lieutenant 1 August 1862. From 1861 to 1863 he served on various vessels attached to the South Atlantic Blockading Squadron. Captured by Confederate forces during an attack on Fort Sumter on 8 September 1863, he was taken to Libby Prison in Richmond, Virginia, and exchanged in the fall of 1864.

Ordered to the North Atlantic Blockading Squadron as Flag-Lieutenant to Rear Admiral David Dixon Porter, he participated in the attacks on Fort Fisher on 24–25 December 1864, and 13 January 1865. He was killed while leading his men against the fort on the latter date. An account of his death is included in the Oregon Magazine article Storming the Ramparts.


Six ships have been named USS Preston for him.

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