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Samuel Gibbs French
[[Image:File:Samuel Gibbs French.jpg|center|200px|border]]Samuel Gibbs French
Personal Information
Born: November 22, 1818(1818-11-22)
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Died: April 20, 1910 (aged 91)
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Allegiance: United States of America
Confederate States of America
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Rank: Major (USA)
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Commands: Divisional Commander of the Army of Tennessee
Battles: Mexican-American War
American Civil War
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Samuel Gibbs French (November 22, 1818 – April 20, 1910) was an officer in the U.S. Army, wealthy plantation owner, author, and a major general in the Confederate army during the American Civil War. He commanded a division in the Army of Tennessee in the Western Theater.


Samuel G. French was born in Mullica Hill, Gloucester County, New JerseyHis larger family lived in both Gloucester and Salem Counties.[1] He graduated from the United States Military Academy in 1843. His classmates included future Civil War generals Ulysses S. Grant, William B. Franklin, Roswell Ripley, and Franklin Gardner. French was brevetted as a second lieutenant in the 3rd U.S. Artillery and assigned to garrison duty.

During his military travels in the Mexican-American War. He was wounded at the battle of Monterrey. He was awarded a congressional award and a sword from the State of New Jersey. He married a southern woman in Mississippi. He rose to the rank of major, but resigned his commission to become a planter.

File:Samuel Gibbs French2.jpg

Photo of French from his book.

When the Civil War began, French sided with the South, entering service as a brigadier general.

After the war, he returned to his work as a southern planter, and later authored the book "Two Wars" about his war experiences. He died in Pensacola, Florida.

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History of Salem County by Joseph S. Sickler, pub 1937 pp-243, 276-277

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