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Saint Bethlehem or St. Bethlehem, also called "St. B" by locals, is a community in Montgomery County, Tennessee, located just northeast of downtown Clarksville. St. Bethlehem has been incorporated into Clarksville city limits and is no longer a separate community, although locals still refer to that portion of Clarksville as "St. B". The main U.S. post office for Clarksville is in the St. Bethlehem community on US 79 (Guthrie Road).

Originally named Cherry Station, the community was renamed by a former postmaster. It is home to most of Clarksville's restaurants, retail businesses, and industries, with U.S. Highway 79 (named "Wilma Rudolph Boulevard" in this area for the city's noted Olympic sprinter), running directly through the center of it. Beachaven Winery, Governor's Square Mall, the Main Branch of the Clarksville Post Office, and the county's main industrial park are also located in the area. The industrial park is currently being expanded to become one of the largest in Tennessee.

During the American Civil War, the Confederate States of America established Camp Boone at St. Bethlehem in 1861 along the Guthrie-Russellville road (today SR 79) as a camp for the recruitment of Kentucky soldiers into the Confederate Army. A Tennessee state historical marker marks the location.

When the Trane Company moved its factory into the area in the 1960s, the area exploded in growth, both residentially and commercially. During the 1980s, St. Bethlehem faced possible annexation to Clarksville, but not without a heated battle. The vote on the annexation barely passed. In recent years, the St. Bethlehem post office has become a branch of the Clarksville post office and St. Bethlehem has ceased to exist as an address. November 2004 saw the opening of the Gateway-Vanderbilt Cancer Treatment Center just off U.S. Highway 79 and June 2008 the new Gateway Medical Center opened south of U.S. 79, next to the newly constructed Governor's Square Loop (Ted A. Crozier Parkway named for a former Mayor of Clarksville and retired U.S.Army Colonel).

St. Bethlehem is a very rapidly developing residential and commercial section of Clarksville seeing annualized real estate price increases surpassing 8.5% with a steady increase of single-family homes costing more than $120,000.

St. Bethlehem can be easily accessed via Interstate 24 Exits 1, 4, and 8 in Tennessee, and by TN 374 from West and South Clarksville.


  • Austin Peay State University
  • Bethel College Satellite Campus
  • Draughons Junior College Satellite Campus
  • Miller-Motte Community College

Coordinates: 36°34′19″N 87°18′00″W / 36.57194°N 87.3°W / 36.57194; -87.3

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