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Robert Adams II (December 24, 1832 – May 12, 1882) was a cotton planter from Lower Richland County, South Carolina, and Captain in the Army of The Confederate States of America. He was the son of Robert Adams and Charlotte Belton Pickett.

Adams served in the mounted infantry unit, The Charleston Light Dragoons. He enlisted on April 10, 1861, two days before the Confederates fired on the Federal troops occupying Fort Sumter, on April 12, 1861, in Charleston, South Carolina. He served in many engagements and was wounded and captured at the Battle of Old Church, Virginia on May 30, 1864 while under the service of Brig. General Matthew C. Butler, in General Robert E. Lee's Army of Northern Virginia.

Adams was the first cousin of Governor James Hopkins Adams of South Carolina, a staunch advocate of limited government and states' rights. He is the great grandfather of United States Ambassador Weston Adams (ambassador), and the great-great grandfather of filmmaker Julian Adams, who portrayed him in the feature film The Last Confederate: The Story of Robert Adams.

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