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Richard Eddy, D.D. (1828–1906) was an American Universalist clergyman, born at Providence, R. I. He was a chaplain of the Sixtieth New York Volunteers during the American Civil War. From 1877 to 1906 he was president of the Universalist Historical Society and from 1886 to 1891 he was editor of the Universalist Register. He wrote:

  • History of Universalism in America, 1636-1886 (1884–86)
  • Alcohol in History (1887)
  • Universalism in Gloucester, Mass. (1892)
  • History of Universalism, 120-1890, A. D. (1894)
  • Life of Thomas J. Sawyer, D. D., and Caroline M. Sawyer (1900)