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Reuben Davis

Reuben Davis (January 18, 1813 – October 14, 1890) was a United States Representative from Mississippi. He was born in Winchester, Tennessee into a family of Welsh origin and moved with his parents to Alabama about 1818. His grandfather Joseph Davis [1] was born in Wales in 1763 and emigrated to Virginia. Reuben Davis attended the public schools. Later, he studied medicine, but practiced only a few years, when he abandoned the profession. He then studied law, was admitted to the bar in 1834, and commenced practice in Aberdeen, Mississippi.

Davis was the prosecuting attorney for the sixth judicial district 1835-1839. He was an unsuccessful Whig candidate for the Twenty-sixth Congress in 1838. He then served as a judge of the high court of appeals in 1842, but after four months’ service resigned.

Davis served as colonel of the Second Regiment of Mississippi Volunteers in the Mexican-American War. After the war, he was a member of the Mississippi House of Representatives 1855-1857. He was elected as a Democrat to the Thirty-fifth and Thirty-sixth Congresses and served from March 4, 1857, to January 12, 1861, when he withdrew.

During the American Civil War, Davis served in the Confederate Army as brigadier general. After the war, he resumed the practice of law. He was an unsuccessful Greenback candidate for the Forty-sixth Congress in 1878. He died in Huntsville, Alabama in 1890 and was buried in Odd Fellows Cemetery, Aberdeen, Mississippi.



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