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After the end of the Civil War, as part of the on-going process of Reconstruction, the United States Congress passed four statutes known as Reconstruction Acts (March 2, 1867 (39 Cong. Ch. 153; Template:USStat), March 23, 1867 (40 Cong. Ch. 6; Template:USStat), July 19, 1867 (40 Cong. Ch. 30; Template:USStat), March 11, 1868 (ch. 25, Template:USStat)).

The acts' main points included:

  • Creation of five military districts in the seceded states not including Tennessee, which had ratified the Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution and was readmitted to the Union
  • Requiring congressional approval for new state constitutions (which were required for Confederate states to rejoin the Union)
  • Confederate states give voting rights to all men.
  • All former Confederate states must ratify the 14th Amendment.

President Andrew Johnson's vetoes of these measures were overridden by Congress.