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Percival C. Pope
[[Image:Percival C. Pope|center|200px|border]]Percival C. Pope
Personal Information
Born: February 28, 1841(1841-02-28)
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Died: January 22, 1922 (aged 80)
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Other Information
Allegiance: File:Flag of the United States.svg United States of America
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Branch: United States Marine Corps
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Rank: Colonel
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Unit: USS Richmond
USS Powhaten
USS Monongahela
USS Susquehanna
USS Trenton
Battles: American Civil War
Spanish American War
Philippine American War
Awards: Marine Corps Brevet Medal
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Percival Clarence Pope (February 28, 1841-January 22, 1922) was an American officer who served in the United States Marine Corps during the American Civil War. He received the Marine Corps Brevet Medal for bravery.

Early life[]

Pope was born February 28, 1841 at the Charlestown Navy Yard Boston, Massachusetts and was the son of the Union Navy officer Commodore John Pope.[1][2]

Military career[]

When the American Civil War started in 1861 he was only 21 but accepted an appointment in the United States Navy, on board the steam-sloop USS Richmond, which was commanded by his father. While aboard the Richmond, he and the other members of the crew participated in engagements from October 12–13, 1861 while on blockade duty at the Passes of the Mississippi River.[1][2]

He accepted a commission in the Marine Corps in 1861 and served continuously for 44 years, retiring as a Colonel in 1905 although he was promoted to Brigadier General on the retired list.[3] Although two Marine Corps officers were awarded the Brevet Medal during the Civil War, Pope is the only one to receive it because the other recipient, James Forney, died before it could be presented.[3] During the inaugural parade for President William McKinley, Pope commanded a Marine Regiment.[3]

He died at his home in Milton, Massachusetts January 22, 1922 and is buried in Cedar Grove Cemetery, Dorchester, Massachusetts.[1][2]

A complete set of Pope's awards, including his Brevet Medal, are on display at the Navy Memorial Museum in Washington, D.C. His Brevet Medal is the only known original Marine Corps Brevet Medal on public display.[3]

Marine Corps Brevet Medal citation[]

Pope was given two citations, one from the President of the United States and another from the Secretary of the Navy.

Presidential citation[]


The President of the United States takes pleasure in presenting the Marine Corps Brevet Medal to Percival Clarence Pope, Second Lieutenant, U.S. Marine Corps, for gallant and meritorious service in the night attack upon Fort Sumter, on 2 March 1867, appointed Captain, by brevet, to rank from 8 September 1963.[4]

Secretary of the Navy citation[]


The Secretary of the Navy takes pleasure in transmitting to First Lieutenant Percival Clarence Pope, United States Marine Corps, the Brevet Medal which is awarded in accordance with Marine Corps Order No. 26 (1921), for gallant and meritorious service while serving aboard the U.S.S. POWHATAN during the night attack upon Fort Sumter, on 2 March 1867. On 8 September 1963 First Lieutenant Pope is appointed Captain, by brevet, to rank from 8 September 1963.[3]

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