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North & South - The Official Magazine of the Civil War Society is a military history and general history bi-monthly magazine published in the United States concerning the American Civil War 1861-1865. As its title states, it is the official magazine of the Civil War Society. It is often referred to as just "North & South." Keith Poulter is the magazine's founder and editor.


North & South was founded in 1997 with a focus on historical accuracy with frequent ground breaking topics. This is often done by discussion articles that is unique to this magazine. The book review section and "Crossfire" provide a mix of light and detail. It is considered an accurate historical magazine without a "pop" magazine feel.[1][2]


Its first year of issue can be considered "Volume 0" and as of its publishing year of 2009/2010 it has started "Volume 11." Each past volume and its bi-monthly issues are shown on its website by the article cover with a link to its title page. The articles within are required to have detailed footnotes or sources which can be copious.[3]

The magazine is a 8 inch by 10 3/4 inch color glossy cover with 65 to 85 magazine grade pages containing primarily black and white pictures related to the American Civil War with color pictures for a nice balance. The mix of article verses advertisement is nicely balanced on the main pages.


The magazine featured articles focus on historical people, weapons, battles or campaigns and events which describe the context in which the Civil War conflict was fought. They will typically include appropriate illustrations and an expanded bibliography for further reading. There can also be eyewitness accounts, and other war-related topics. The articles cover a diverse range of historical events prior to and after the American Civil War. The magazine also includes an editorial page and brief reviews of history books and simulations. The illustrations include maps, museum artwork, and photographs.

"Great maps, end notes, famous authors and interesting topics were all part of a typical issue." Brett[4]


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