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Nathan Bedford Forrest III

04/05/1905 – 06/13/1942

Son of Nathan Bedford Forrest II, grandson of General Nathan Bedford Forrest.

Nathan Bedford Forrest III: Born April, 5, 1905 at Waldran, near Poplar in Memphis, Tenn. Moved to Biloxi, Miss. when he was 7 years old (approximately 1912) and later to Atlanta, GA. Graduated West Point June 9, 1928 and commissioned Second Lieutenant in the Cavalry. In 1929 he transferred from the Cavalry to the Air Force.

      Feb. 4, 1934 First Lieutenant                                      June 16, 1938 Captain
      Jan. 31, 1941 Major                                                    Jan. 5, 1942 Lieutenant Colonel
      Mar. 1, 1942 Colonel                                                  Nov. 2, 1942 Brigadier General

He achieved the rank of Brigadier General at the age of 37, four years earlier than his famous Great grandfather, Nathan Bedford Forrest attained the same rank. Died June 13, 1942 which is the official date as recorded, killed in action. He was originally reported missing in action when his plane was shot down. His body was found September 23, 1943 when it was washed ashore at the Seaplane Base at Bug, Reugen Island, Germany. He was buried Sept. 28, 1943 in a grassy little cemetery near Wiek, Germany. As per copy of information in the Memphis newspaper it was reported in 1947 that the Generals former wife is now Mrs. Frances Martin of Spokane, Wash., has indicated that she will request that the body be returned to the United States and buried in Arlington National Cemetery. General Forrest was married to Frances Brassler who was the daughter of George Brassler and Teresa Heinz.

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