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Morgan Henry Chrysler
[[Image:Morgan H. Chrysler|center|200px|border]]Morgan H. Chrysler
Personal Information
Born: September 30, 1822(1822-09-30)
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Died: August 24, 1890 (aged 67)
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Allegiance: United States of America
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Branch: Union Army
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Rank: Brevet Major General
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Battles: American Civil War
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Morgan Henry Chrysler (September 30, 1822 – August 24, 1890) was an American soldier who served as a Union Army general during the American Civil War.

Early life[]

Chrysler was born at Ghent, Columbia County, New York. He received a normal school education in his native town. He was involved in farming nearly all his life.[1]

Civil War service[]

When the American Civil War began in 1861, Chrysler chose to support the Union cause. He entered federal service as a private for a company which later joined the 30th New York Infantry. He was appointed captain of the 30th New York on June 1, 1861. He became major on March 11, 1862; lieutenant colonel on August 30, 1863; and colonel of a regiment of cavalry on December 13, 1863.[2]

Chrysler served in the Peninsula Campaign, the Second Battle of Bull Run, the Battle of Antietam, and the Battle of Chancellorsville. He and the regiment were mustered out after the battle of Chancellorsville because their term of service was expired. He was instantly granted the authority to reorganize the discharged men into a cavalry regiment.[2] In fifty-five days, he raised the 2nd New York veteran cavalry, which consisted of 1,176 men.[1] He and his regiment were briefly stationed at Washington during the winter of 1863–64, before they were sent to New Orleans, Louisiana, to join the Department of the Gulf. Chrysler's regiment participated in the Red River Campaign, and they did their remaining service in the lower South.[2] Chrysler commanded a brigade in Thomas John Lucas's division during the final campaign against Mobile in 1865.[3]

Chrysler was appointed a brevet major general on March 13, 1865. He was one of only four men who rose from private to major general during the Civil War.[2]

He became military governor of the District of Northern Alabama for a short period of time before he was mustered out in 1866.[2]


Following the war, Chrysler led a private life. He died at Kinderhook, New York, and was interred at Valatie, New York.[2]

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