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Martin Edwin Green
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Personal Information
Born: June 3, 1815(1815-06-03)
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Died: June 27, 1863 (aged 48)
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Other Information
Allegiance: United States of America
Confederate States of America
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Branch: Confederate States Army
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Rank: Brigadier General
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Battles: American Civil War
- Battle of Athens (1861)
- Battle of Lexington I
- Battle of Pea Ridge
- Battle of Iuka
- Battle of Corinth II
- Battle of Champion Hill
- Battle of Vicksburg
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Martin Edwin Green (June 3, 1815 – June 27, 1863) was a Confederate brigadier general in the American Civil War, and a key organizer of the Missouri State Guard in northern Missouri.

Early life[]

Martin E. Green was born in Fauquier County, Virginia. In 1836 he and his young bride moved to Lewis County, Missouri where he and his brothers established a sawmill. He became a prominent Democrat and Judge of the Lewis County Court. His brother was Missouri's United States Senator James S. Green.

Civil War[]

At the outbreak of the war in 1861, Green was a leading secessionist in Northeast Missouri. Following a July 4 riot at Canton, Missouri Judge Green summoned pro-Southern citizens to a training camp on the Fabius River under the auspices of the district's Missouri State Guard. He formed this mass into a cavalry regiment and Joseph C. Porter served as the Lieutenant Colonel.

Green went on the offensive in Northeast Missouri attempting to scatter David Moore's Union Home Guard regiment. Green's much larger force included some artillery and struck Moore at Athens. Green's raw recruits were repulsed and retreated from the field.

Green and his regiment participated in the successful attack on Lexington in September 1861 and at the defeat at Pea Ridge (or Elkhorn Tavern), March 1862. They also were present at the defeats at Iuka and Corinth.

Promotion and death[]

Green was commissioned a Confederate States brigardier general from July 21, 1862. He commanded a brigade of Bowen's Division in the Siege of Vicksburg. During the siege he was slightly wounded on June 25, 1863. On June 27, 1863 he was struck in the head and killed by a bullet from a Federal sharpshooter. According to the NPS Confederate Soldier listing at Vicksburg, a footnote remarks he was interred at the George Marshall Lot; he is buried in Grave # 542 Vicksburg Cedar Hill Cemetery.

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