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The Market Revolution (1793–1860) in the United States was a drastic change in the manual labor system originating in south (but was soon moved to the north) and later spread to the entire world. Traditional commerce was made obsolete by improvements in transportation and communication. This change prompted the reincarnation of the mercantilist ideas that were thought to have died out. This is thought to have been caused by increasing industrialization, such as Eli Whitney's invention, the Cotton Gin. As a result of the revolution, isolationism became dominant and North America was left waiting to explode into the American Civil War.[citation needed] In other words, the north started to have a more powerful economy that was starting to challenge the economies of some mid-sized European cities at the time.

It also was in part influenced by the need for national mobility, shown a problem in the War of 1812, afterwhich the government increased production of roads, canals, and later railroads.


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