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LaFayette "Fayette" McMullen (May 18, 1805 – November 8, 1880) was a 19th century politician, driver, teamster and banker from the U.S. state of Virginia and Washington Territory.

Born in Estellville, Virginia, McMullen attended private schools as a child. He was a Virginia driver and teamster before becoming a member of the Senate of Virginia in 1839, serving until 1849. He was elected as a Democrat to the United States House of Representatives in 1848, serving from 1849 to 1857. There, McMullen served as chairman of the Committee on Expenditures in the Department of the Navy from 1851 to 1855 and chairman of the Committee on Expenditures on Public Buildings from 1855 to 1857. He was a delegate to the Democratic National Convention in 1852 and 1856 and was appointed Territorial Governor of Washington in 1857, serving until 1859. McMullen was elected as a Democrat to the Confederate House of Representatives in 1863, serving from 1864 until the crumbling of the Confederacy in 1865. Afterwards, he engaged in agricultural and banking pursuits and unsuccessfully ran for Governor of Virginia in 1878. He died in a train accident on November 8, 1880 in Wytheville, Virginia, and was interred in Round Hill Cemetery in Marion, Virginia.

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