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Joshua G. Newbold, 1887

Joshua G. Newbold (May 12, 1830, Fayette County, Pennsylvania – June 10, 1903, Mount Pleasant, Iowa) was the tenth Governor of Iowa.

Early life[]

Newbold grew up in a Quaker family in Pennsylvania. Later he became a Baptist. He moved to Iowa in 1854, where he was a farmer.

Civil war service[]

He joined the Union Army in 1862 as captain of Company C, 25th Regiment of the Iowa Infantry, and fought at the Battle of Chickasaw Bayou, the Battle of Fort Hindman, the Third Battle of Chattanooga, the Battle of Ringgold Gap, the Atlanta Campaign, and Sherman's March to the Sea.


Newbold served in the Iowa House of Representatives from 1872-76. He was elected the 11th Lieutenant Governor as a Republican in 1876, and succeeded to the governorship when Samuel J. Kirkwood resigned to take a seat in the United States Senate.

From 1899-1903, Newbold was mayor of Mount Pleasant, Iowa, where he died and was buried in the Forest Home cemetery in 1903.


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