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Joseph Nicholson Barney
Personal Information
Born: 1818
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Died: 1899 (aged 80–81)
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Rank: Former Lieutenant, U.S. Navy
First Lieutenant, CSN (July 2, 1861)
Commander (April 29, 1863)
Commander PNCS (June 2, 1864)
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Commands: CSS Jamestown (1861-1862)
CSS Harriet Lane (1863)
CSS Florida (September 1863)
Battles: Battle of Hampton Roads, March 8–9, 1862
Drewry's Bluff (May 15, 1862)
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Joseph Nicholson Barney was born in 1818 in Maryland, son of John Barney and Elizabeth Nicholson Hindman. He married Eliza Jacobs Rogers on June 9, 1846 in New Castle County, Delaware. He married a second time to Anne (Nannie) Seddon Dornin. He died in Virginia in 1899.

Civil War[]

Joseph Nicholson Barney was appointed into the Confederate Navy and was Commander of the CSS Jamestown during the Battle of Hampton Roads and so was also present during the famous Naval battle with the USS Monitor. Later he assumed command of the Confederate raider, CSS Florida in September 1863 but had to be detached due to ill health. From 1864 to 1865, he was a Confederate Naval Agent in Europe. He surrendered on his return and took the Oath of Allegiance to the U.S. Constitution[1] on September 29, 1865.

See also[]

  • Letterbook of Joseph Nicholson Barney, Special Collections Branch, United States Naval Academy



  1. President Andrew Johnson granted amnesty to those who had fought for the Confederacy if they took this oath. Exceptions were anyone who had been high-ranking officers, or who had resigned from the US Army or US Navy to join the Confederacy or had been taught at West Point or Annapolis