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John Tilman Lamkin (also spelled John Tillman Lamkin) (July 17, 1811 – May 19, 1870) was a Southern United States politician who served in the Confederate States Congress during the American Civil War.

Lamkin was born in Augusta, Georgia, the son of William and Keziah Hart Snead Lamkin. He married Thurza Ann Kilgore in Georgia on November 14, 1835. He was admitted to the Georgia Bar in 1833. He lived in Louisiana and Texas before settling in Mississippi, and was admitted to the Mississippi bar in 1838.

In November 1863 he was elected to serve in the House of Representatives of the Second Confederate Congress, and from May 2, 1864 to March 18, 1865 he served on three committees: commerce, patents, post offices and post roads.

Lamkin died May 19, 1870, in Pike County, Mississippi, and is buried in Woodlawn Cemetery in Summit, Mississippi.