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John Lawrence Manning, also John Laurence Manning,[1] (January 29, 1816 – October 24, 1889) was the 65th Governor of South Carolina from 1852 to 1854.

In 1838, John L. Manning married Susan Frances Hampton (1816–1845), daughter of General Wade Hampton I and his wife, Mary Cantey, and half-sister of Colonel Wade Hampton II, who though he alone inherited their father's considerable fortune, shared it equally with her and another sister. She died giving birth to their third child. In 1848 Manning married Sally Bland Clarke and had four children by her.[2]

John Manning and his wife, Susan, had Millford Plantation built in 1839 near Pinewood, South Carolina. It is now a National Historic Landmark.[2]

He is interred in the churchyard at Trinity Episcopal Church in Columbia, South Carolina.


The town of Manning, South Carolina was named for him.[3]


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