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The Jewish Civil War Memorial (Cincinnati, Ohio) is located in the United Jewish Cemetery located at 3400 Montgomery Road in the Evanston neighborhood of Cincinnati, Ohio. The memorial is an obelisk, which was completed in 1868. It first honored one fallen Jewish Civil War soldier from Cincinnat, Lt. Louis Reitler, who was killed in battle in 1862. His name is inscribed on the east side of the memorial. The graves of five other Union Veterans lay near. The memorial now includes the names of local Jewish soldiers fom World War I and World War II.

The United Jewish Cemetery rededicated its Veterans Memorial on Memorial Day 2008, with a Marine Corps Honor Guard and a 21 gun salute. The names of the fallen heroes were read aloud.

Civil War: Marx Esslinger, Joseph Ettlinger (Pvt. 5th Ohio)[1], Jonas Goldsmith, Sam Keisser, Adolph Mangold and Louis Reitler.

World War I: Robert Livingston, James Rind and R. Robert Shroder.

World War II: John E. Davis; Robert F. Goldenberg; Richard J. Herman; James Herzberg; Stuart Allan Kaplan; Samuel L. Kessler; Tedd R. Levy; Leon Meyer Mack; James M. Pollock; Nathaniel Rosenthal; George E. Rosing; Dr. Howard M. Schriver; Harold Silverman; Bernard Harry Simpson; Richard J. Sloane; Milford W. Solomon; Robert Sanford Waldman; Ferdinand L. Weston and Jesse Myron Wolf.

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