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Jared M. Brush (October 10, 1814 – November 3, 1895) was Mayor of Pittsburgh from 1868–1869 and 1872–1875.

Jared Brush was born on October 10, 1814 at the corner of Third Street and Cherry Way. He was skilled in the trade of carpentry. Brush served as Superintendent of the Poor in Pitt Township. He was also elected The Clerk of the Courts of Allegheny County in 1851. His elected service included a term on City Council as well.

During the American Civil War, Brush worked with the United States Sanitary Commission, a relief agency that ministered to the soldiers.

Mayor Brush's administration was praised because of his extensive street construction projects and the establishment of the first full-time Fire Department.

Brush served as the director of several Pittsburgh banks. Brushton was named in his honor. He died from pneumonia on November 3, 1895, and is buried in an unmarked grave in Allegheny Cemetery.



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