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James E. Cantrill (1839–1908) was born in Bourbon County, Kentucky. He served as a Captain in the Confederate States Army Cavalry as a portion of Morgan's Men. He was elected Lieutenant Governor of Kentucky serving from 1879-1883.


Gravestones of KY Lt. Gov. James E. Cantrill and wife Mary located at Georgetown Cemetery.

During his time as Lieutenant Governor, Jesse James robbed a stagecoach in Cave City, Kentucky, stealing a gold watch from Judge R.H. Roundtree, and a diamond ring from his daughter. Cantrill offered a reward of $1,500 for the arrest and conviction of the robbers. This reward was never collected for the proper criminal, as James was shot by a member of his own gang, but his guilt was shown by the possession of Judge Roundtree's gold watch.

Cantrill was married to Mary Cecil. Cantrill and his wife are buried at Georgetown Cemetery in Georgetown, Kentucky.

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