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Judge Ivory G. Kimball (May 5, 1843 in Wells, York, Maine - May 15, 1916) and was buried in Arlington National Cemetery. He was the son of Wilbraham Kimball Jr. and Ann Hatch. Judge Ivory married Anna Lovinia Ferris. Anna was born on 8/January 9, 1839 in Barre, Orleans, New York. She died on March 23, 1914 .

Judge Ivory served in the E company of the 55th Indiana Regiment.

In the papers of Arthur Alden Kimball filed by his wife in Nov 1997, she says "His grandfather Ivory G. Kimball was a Civil War veteran who was appointed judge of the Washington, DC, police court by President Cleveland in 1893."

The Memorial Amphitheater, at the Arlington National Cemetery, was the dream of Judge Ivory G. Kimball, who wished to have a place to assemble and honor the American defenders.

"Judge I. G. Kimball worked hard during several sessions of Congress as the Department Head of the G.A.R. in the District to get the bill through Congress to build the Arlington Amphitheatre. It finally went through in President Theo. Roosevelt's Administration, and the Judge was honored by being the one chosen to remove the first spadeful of earth to start the work. His name appears on a bronze tablet on the completed structure. He regarded this as the crowning accomplishment of his life." (George E.Kimball)

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