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India Wilkes
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India Wilkes is the sister of Ashley Wilkes and the rival of Scarlett O'Hara in the novel and film Gone with the Wind. She's a jealous character who despises Scarlett because Scarlett stole the attention of Stuart Tarleton, who courted India previously. India also resents Scarlett for marrying Charles Hamilton, the man that everyone assumed would marry her sister, Honey Wilkes. In the film, she was in love with Charles Hamilton and despises Scarlett for marrying him.

After Scarlett's marriage to Charles, Stuart resumed courting India. Since it was assumed that Stuart would have married India had he lived, India was given the respect accorded to widows. Her tongue grew sharper and she was able to say things that most unmarried women could not.

India came to live with Ashley and Melanie after they moved to Atlanta, but her resentment towards Scarlett did not end. When Scarlett and Rhett's engagement was announced, India endorsed cutting them both from respectable society. India judged Scarlett harshly for causing the death of her second husband, Frank Kennedy. She also stated that she believed that there was always more to Scarlett and Rhett's relationship than there appeared.

India was one of the three who saw Scarlett and Ashley embrace. Because Melanie defended Scarlett and Ashley, India left the Wilkes home and moved in with Aunt Pitty. India showed remorse for their quarrel as Melanie was on her deathbed.

India is a traditional southern Antebellum "lady" who took the place of hostess and lady of the house after her mother died years ago. She remains unmarried at the end of Gone with the Wind. India is referred to as an "old maid" by Scarlett. In the movie, she was played by Alicia Rhett.