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Henry Younger
Born Henry Washington Younger
February 22, 1810
Harrisonville, Missouri, USA
Died July 20, 1862 (aged 52)
Westport, Missouri, USA
Nationality American
Known for Father of the notable Younger outlaws
Spouse(s) Bersheba Leighton Fristoe
Children 14 (see text)
Parents Charles Lee Younger, Sarah Sullivan Purcell

Henry Washington Younger ( February 22, 1810 - July 20, 1862 ) was a businessman and father to the Younger outlaws Cole, Jim, John and Bob. He was the father of fourteen children. He was the son of Colonel Charles Lee Younger and Sarah Sullivan Purcell and married Bersheba Leighton Fristoe in about 1830. Their 14 children:

  • Laura Helen Younger (born 1 January 1832)
  • Frances Isabelle Younger (born March 1833)
  • Martha Ann (Annie) Younger (born 9 January 1835)
  • Charles Richard (Dick) Younger (born about 1838, died 17 August 1860)
  • Mary Josephine Younger (born about 1840)
  • Caroline (Duck) Younger (born about 1842)
  • Thomas Coleman (Cole) Younger (born 15 January 1844)
  • Sarah Ann (Sally) Younger (born 2 September 1846)
  • James Hardin (Jim) Younger (born 15 January 1848)
  • Alphae Younger (born about 1850, died about 1852)
  • John Harrison Younger (born about 1851)
  • Emily J. Younger (born about 1852)
  • Robert Ewing (Bob) Younger (born 29 October 1853)
  • Henrietta (Retta) Younger (born 9 January 1857)

The family moved to Harrisonville in 1857, and in 1859 Henry was assigned as second mayor of the city.

He was often looted and lost a lot of money. This angered his son Cole who thought he should make a stand. On July 20, 1862 Henry was traveling to Kansas City on a business trip while carrying $1,500 on his person. About one mile south of Westport he was shot three times in the back and killed. It was discovered the killing was politically motivated and not a robbery.

The body was returned to the Youngers who, afraid Union servicemen would dig it up, buried him in an unknown grave.

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