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Godlove Stein Orth

Godlove Stein Orth (April 22, 1817 – December 16, 1882) was a U.S. House representative from Indiana and acting-Lieutenant Governor of Indiana.


He was born near Lebanon County, Pennsylvania on April 22, 1817. He attended Pennsylvania College at Gettysburg for about one year and then studied law with the office of James Cooper. He entered the bar in 1839.[1]

His political career started with public speeches in 1840 supporting William Henry Harrison for president. He started as a Whig but as that party diminished in power he switched. For a time he was the Indiana leader of the Know-Nothings (called the American Party) and later aligned himself with the Republican Party.

He served in the Indiana Senate 1843-1849, acting-Lieutenant Governor of Indiana 1845, U.S. House representative from Indiana 1863-1871 from 1873 to 1875 and 1879-1882.

Orth was married twice,[1] and had a daughter and two sons.

He died in office in December 1882, just after losing a re-election bid to Thomas B. Ward, in Lafayette, Indiana and is interred at Greenbush Cemetery Lafayette, Indiana.[2]


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