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George Milbr(e)y Gould (b. November 8, 1848 Auburn, Maine - August 8, 1922 Atlantic City) was an American doctor and lexicographer.


At 12 years, he enlisted and became a drummer boy in the American Civil War, serving in the 63rd Ohio Infantry (1861-2) and later in Company K, 141st Ohio Infantry during 1864.[1]

After the war, he entered the Ohio Wesleyan University and received a Bachelor of Arts in 1873 and a Master of Arts (postgraduate) in 1892. He also received the Phi Beta Kappa key. He graduated from Harvard Divinity School (1874) and worked as the owner of a bookstore. He entered Jefferson Medical College in 1885 and graduated in 1888. He then opened an Ophthalmology office in Philadelphia.[1] During that time he invented the cemented bifocal lens.

He was the first president of the Association of Medical Librarians (now the Medical Library Association). He served from 1898 to 1901.[2]

After twenty years of practice, he moved to Ithaca, New York and three years later to Atlantic City.


  • Students' Medical Dictionary
  • A Pocket medical dictionary (1890)
  • Anomalies and Curiosities of Medicine (with Walter Lytle Pyle) [1] (1896)
  • A book of poems (1897)
  • Concerning Lafcadio Hearn (with Laura Stedman) (1908)
  • Righthandedness and lefthandedness (1908)
  • The Practitioner's Medical Dictionary (with R J E Scott) (1910)
  • The Infinite Presence (1910)


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