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George Kilborn Nash (August 14, 1842 – October 28, 1904) was a Republican politician from Ohio. He served as the 41st Governor of Ohio.


Nash was born in York Township, Medina County, Ohio. He attended the preparatory school at Western Reserve College. After serving in the Union Army during the Civil War, Nash return to Ohio to practice law. He served as State Attorney General from 1880 to 1883 and then as an Associate General of the Supreme Court from 1883 to 1885. Nash served as Governor of Ohio from January 8, 1900 to January 11, 1904.

Story with Dick Price[]

The following story is written in the book by Al Jennings, Through the Shadows with O. Henry. A young inmate, Dick Price, was sentenced for life for repeated safe-cracking, in which he was a good specialist. Once there was a necessity to open a safe of a company, when keys were lost. George Nash promised to pardon Price, if he did it. Price cracked the safe, but Nash didn't pardon him, thus didn't fulfill his promise. Soon Price died in prison. His story was used by O. Henry in a story A Retrieved Reformation.

According to other sources,[1] the name of the safe-cracker was Jimmy Connors.

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