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Template:Infobox Congressman George Craighead Cabell (January 25, 1836 – June 23, 1906) was a nineteenth century congressman, lawyer and editor from Virginia.

Born in Danville, Virginia, Cabell attended Danville Academy and later the law department at the University of Virginia in 1857. After being admitted to the bar, he commenced practice in Danville in 1858. He was editor of the Republican and later Democratic Appeal in Danville and was elected commonwealth attorney on Danville in 1858, serving until 1861. At the outbreak of the Civil War, Cabell enlisted in the Confederate Army as a private in 1861, promoted to major later that year and was assigned to the 18th Regiment, Virginia Infantry. He was later promoted to colonel which he served as until the end of the war and afterwards resumed practicing law. Cabell was elected a Democrat to the United States House of Representatives in 1874, serving from 1875 to 1887. There, he was chairman of the Committee on Railways and Canals from 1877 to 1881. After being unsuccessful for reelection in 1886, he resumed practicing law in Danville, Virginia until his death in Baltimore, Maryland on June 23, 1906. Cabell was interred in Green Hill Cemetery in Danville.

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