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George Brown from Who-When-What Book, 1900

George Brown (1835–1913) was an American naval officer. He was born in Indiana, and entered the navy as a midshipman in 1849.

He served throughout the Civil War, especially distinguishing himself on the night of February 24, 1863, when, in command of the Indianola at Palmyra Island, he defended himself for an hour and a half against four Confederate gunboats.

He was wounded and taken prisoner, and his vessel was destroyed. He became a commander in 1866 and a rear admiral in 1893.

In June and July 1891 he was in Chilean waters involved in the Itata Incident which was a diplomatic affair and military incident involving the United States and Chile during the Chilean Civil War. The incident concerned an attempted arms shipment by the rebel ship Itata from the U.S. to Chile. He was accused by opponents of the administration of having gone beyond his public orders to become involved in intrigues with the combatants. Theodore Roosevelt defends Brown from these charges in his book, ‘’Campaigns and Controversies.’’ [1]

He commanded the naval forces in the Philippines in 1889–92, and the Norfolk Navy Yard in 1886–90, and again in 1893–97, when he retired.

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