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Colonel Fletcher Webster


Colonel Fletcher Webster

Daniel Fletcher Webster, commonly known as Fletcher Webster (July 25, 1818, Portsmouth, New Hampshire – August 30, 1862) was the son of renowned politician Daniel Webster and Grace Fletcher Webster. During his father's first term as Secretary of State, Fletcher served as Chief Clerk of the United States State Department which, at the time, was the second most powerful office in the State Department. As Chief Clerk, he delivered the news of President William Henry Harrison's death to Vice President John Tyler.

During the Civil War, Webster served as colonel of the 12th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry. The unit was known in the Army of the Potomac as "The Webster Regiment" in honor of their commander. He was killed in the Second Battle of Bull Run on August 30, 1862. A memorial boulder stands in Manassas National Battlefield Park in Colonel Webster's honor. A memorial to the Webster Regiment stands in Gettysburg National Park.

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Chief Clerk of the State Department Fletcher Webster delivering the news of President Harrison's death to Vice President Tyler.

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