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Escape from Fort Bravo
Directed by John Sturges
Produced by Nicholas Nayfack
Written by Michael Pate (story)
Phillip Rock (story)
Frank Fenton
Starring William Holden
Eleanor Parker
John Forsythe
Release date(s) December 4, 1953
Running time 97-99 minutes
Country United States
Language English

Escape from Fort Bravo is a 1953 western film set during the American Civil War. It stars William Holden, Eleanor Parker, and John Forsythe.


Fort Bravo is a Union prison camp run by a strict Captain Roper (William Holden). A pretty woman named Carla Forester (Eleanor Parker) shows up to help free the prisoners, especially Confederate Captain John Marsh (John Forsythe). Roper falls in love with her (and she with him), so he has an additional motive to recapture the escapees. He does just that, but on the way back to the fort, they are attacked by fierce Mescalero Indians who are hostile to both sides and trapped in a shallow exposed depression. Roper frees and arms his prisoners, but even then, it looks like the Indians will wipe them out. One by one, they are killed. The next morning, to try to save Carla, Roper makes it look like he is the only one left alive and walks out in plain view. He is wounded, but the cavalry comes to the rescue just in time.


  • William Holden as Captain Roper
  • Eleanor Parker as Carla Forester
  • John Forsythe as Captain John Marsh
  • William Demarest as Campbell
  • William Campbell as Cabot Young
  • Polly Bergen as Alice Owens
  • Richard Anderson as Lieutenant Beecher
  • Carl Benton Reid as Colonel Owens
  • John Lupton as Bailey

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