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Edwin Augustus Keeble (February 14, 1807 – August 26, 1868) was a Tennessee politician who served in the Confederate States Congress during the American Civil War.


Keeble was born in Cumberland County, Virginia, and later moved to Rutherford County, Tennessee, serving as mayor of Murfreesboro from 1838 to 1855. He served in the Tennessee state legislature in 1861. He represented the 6th district of that state in the Second Confederate Congress from 1864 to 1865. He was the son-in-law of 1860 U.S. presidential candidate John Bell.

Keeble finished third in the election to represent the 6th district of that state in the First Confederate Congress, winning 8% of the vote, but carried the same district handily in the August 6th, 1863 Tennessee congressional elections, defeating P.G. Stiver Perkins 11,631 to 950 and carrying the soldier vote 4,620 to 770.[1] It is worth noting that the 6th district was under Union occupation at the time of the election and civilian voting was done by refugees.

As was true of many congressmen whose districts were under Union occupation, Keeble was a strong supporter of the Davis administration, part of a voting bloc that approved "higher taxes that would not be levied on their constituents and for tougher conscription laws that would take no men from their districts."[2]


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