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Template:Infobox Governor Edward Clark (April 1, 1815 – May 4, 1880) was the eighth Governor of Texas. His term coincided with the beginning of the American Civil War.


Born in New Orleans, Clark moved to Texas in 1842 and set up a law practice. Clark served in the Texas Annexation Convention and two terms as a state representative in the Texas Legislature before fighting in the Mexican-American War. When the war ended, he served as secretary of state under Governor Elisha M. Pease and as lieutenant governor under Sam Houston. When Sam Houston refused to take an oath of allegiance to the Confederacy, Clark became governor.

After losing the governor's race by 124 votes to Francis Lubbock, Clark joined the 14th Texas Infantry as a colonel and was later promoted to brigadier general after being wounded in battle. He fled briefly to Mexico at the end of the American Civil War, but returned home to Marshall, Texas, where he died. His grave in the Marshall City Cemetery is marked with a historical mark.

His grandson, Ed Clark, was appointed by President Lyndon B. Johnson to be ambassador to Australia in 1965. Mr. Ed., as he was known to those who worked with him, was a taciturn man with a slight lisp who was able by position and hard work to influence both local and national policy.

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