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Dixie Days was an American Civil War reenactment located in Mechanicsville, Virginia. It began in 2004 as the first reenactment in many years to take place in Mechanicsville, which is among the richest in the country with history relating to the war.

The event was created by Mike Smith who died shortly before the event was first held. His son, Andy Smith took over and runs the event along with his father's best friend and co-founder Grayson Jennings and the Sons of Confederate Veterans camps in the Mechanicsville area.



April 2004 brought the first Dixie Days to Mechanicsville, VA. This event was just 3 months after the passing of founder Mike Smith and took place at the Hanover Ruritan Park. On April 6, 2004 the entire 4th grade class from Cold Harbor Elementary School visited the event for their Virginia History field trip. On April 7, just about 30 reenactors and 2 cannon took the field of the park to reenact the Battle of Bethesda Church. Over 3,000 spectators from the area came to see the battle.


May 6-8 2005 was the second year for Dixie Days and once again the Battle of Bethesda Church was reenacted. This time, the battle would unfold at Pole Green Park. Controversy would mar the event when a parent at one of the visiting schools complained about the name and Pole Green Elementary and Battlefield Elementary Schools backed out of the event. Cold Harbor Elementary was again the only school to attend. This would mark the last visit by a school to the event, disappointing the dream of its founder. The staff and the SCV would still carry on to a weekend of over 10,000 spectators and over 100 reenactors.


In 2006, the event was moved to June 10-11, with the Friday edition for school children absent from the schedule. Over 150 reenactors came together for the Battle of Shady Grove Road. Again, over 10,000 spectators gathered for the fight at Pole Green Park.

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