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Decatur Cemetery
U.S. National Register of Historic Places
U.S. Historic District
Location: 229 Bell St., Decatur, Georgia
Coordinates: 33°46′56″N 84°17′32″W / 33.78222°N 84.29222°W / 33.78222; -84.29222Coordinates: 33°46′56″N 84°17′32″W / 33.78222°N 84.29222°W / 33.78222; -84.29222
Area: 58 acres (23 ha)
Built/Founded: 1826
Architect: Scott, Robert et al.; Pauley, W.C.
Governing body: Local
Added to NRHP: May 23, 1997
NRHP Reference#: 97000459[1]

The Decatur Cemetery is a historic graveyard within the City of Decatur, Georgia.


The Decatur Cemetery is the oldest burial ground in the Metro Atlanta Area, and is believed to have been used even before Decatur's 1823 incorporation. In 1852, an act by the local legislature created “Commissioners for the Decatur Burial Ground.” Numerous Civil War veterans were buried in the Decatur Cemetery, mostly in the 8 acre region now referred to as, "The Old Cemetery". The Cemetery's "Well House" was built in 1881.

The Cemetery Today[]

The Decatur Cemetery has expanded to 38 acres and contains well over 20,000 graves. A special section exists for cremated burials, and the Cemetery contains a pond stocked with fish. Canada Geese frequent the Cemetery during various parts of the year, and group of Mallard ducks live there year round. The Cemetery is bordered by a several acre forest, which borders the Glennwood Estates (Decatur) neighborhood.

Notable Graves[]

  • Col. Milton A Candler (1837 – 1909); local legislator and congressman
  • Dr Thomas Holly Chivers (1806 - 1858); Doctor and Poet
  • Mary A.H. Gay (1828 – 1918); Author of Life in Dixie During the War
  • Charles Murphey (1799 – 18610); local legislator, congressman, and a delegate to the Georgia Secession Convention.
  • Col. George Washington Scott (1829 - 1903); founder of Agnes Scott College
  • Benjamin F. Swanton (1807-1890); builder of the historic Swanton House


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