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Daniel Franklin Davis (September 12, 1843 – January 9, 1897) was an American politician and the 37th Governor of Maine.

Early life[]

Davis was born in born in Freedom, Maine on September 12, 1843. He entered the East Corinth Academy in 1863 but after a few weeks he enlisted in the Grand Army of the Republic to fight in the Civil War. He then studied at the Corinna Academy, and at the Wesleyan Seminary in Kents Hill, Maine. He then studied law and in 1869 was admitted to bar where he established his law career in East Corinth.


Davis became a member of the Maine House of Representatives in 1871. He held that position for four years. He the became a member of the Maine Senate in 1875. He held that position until 1879. In 1879, he was nominated for the governorship of Maine by the Republican Party. In the general election no candidate received a vote plurality. Davis was named as the legal governor after the Legislature was called upon to decide who would serve as governor. He was in the governor's office from January 17, 1880 to January 13, 1881. During his administration, the enforcement of the prohibition law was contested. Davis was not successful in his re-election bid.

Later life[]

After leaving office, Davis served as the collector of the port of Bangor from 1882 to 1886. He died on January 9, 1897.


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