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Confederate Gold refers to the hidden caches of gold lost after the American Civil War. Millions of dollars worth of gold was lost or unaccounted for after the civil war and has been the speculation of many historians and treasure hunters. Allegedly, some of the Confederate treasury was hidden in order to wait for the revising of the South and at other times simply so that the Union would not gain possession.


George Trenholm, who was Treasurer of the Confederate States of America for the last year of the American Civil War, was arrested after the war and accused of making off with millions in Confederate assets.[1]

Confederate gold in fiction[]

  • In Franco-Belgian comic book Blueberry, confederate gold was smuggled to Mexico by group of Confederate soldiers led by colonel Trevor, who buried the gold in graveyard in one deserted village. The gold was later found by Juaristas who used it to finance their fight against emperor Maximilian.
  • In the 1966 Spaghetti Western movie The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, the protagonists get information about lost Confederate gold worth 200,000 dollars hidden in an unknown grave at a cemetery.
  • In 2005 action movie Sahara, confederate gold was placed onboard CSS Texas which ended up in Africa. The gold was later found by Dirk Pitt.


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