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Confederate Monument of Morganfield
U.S. National Register of Historic Places
Location: Morganfield, Kentucky
Coordinates: 37°41′38″N 87°54′46″W / 37.69389°N 87.91278°W / 37.69389; -87.91278Coordinates: 37°41′38″N 87°54′46″W / 37.69389°N 87.91278°W / 37.69389; -87.91278
Built/Founded: 1870
Architectural style(s): No Style Listed
Governing body: Local
MPS: Civil War Monuments of Kentucky MPS
Added to NRHP: July 17, 1997
NRHP Reference#: 97000666


The Confederate Monument of Morganfield, Kentucky is a monument to fallen Confederate soldiers from the Civil War of the surrounding county of Union County, Kentucky, of which Morganfield is the county seat. It is in the northernmost corner of the City Cemetery/Odd Fellows Cemetery just outside downtown Morganfield. Ironically, during the War "Union" County was actually a more Confederate county. The county produced 657 soldiers for the Confederacy, but only 187 for the Union, although 131 blacks would join the Union forces in 1864. (There were 2,000 slaves in the county in 1860.) In July 1862 Union forces went to the nearby town of Casey, Kentucky to threaten to arrest everyone in the town of treason, eventually freeing all but nineteen citizens, after which there would be a skirmish in Morganfield on September 1, 1862, which resulted in a Confederate victory.[2][3][4]

The monument consists of a limestone base supporting a white marble obelisk. Inscribed on the monument were the names of sixty-four fallen soldiers, and stated that "Union County mourns the loss of:", implying that the monument was from the entire county. Due to its age, much of its text is illegible.[2]

Nathan Bedford Forrest held the first troops to enter the county during the war in November 1861. In 1864 there was mcuh guerrilla activity in the area.[5]

On July 17, 1997, the Confederate Monument of Morganfield was one of sixty-one different monuments related to the Civil War in Kentucky placed on the National Register of Historic Places, as part of the Civil War Monuments of Kentucky Multiple Property Submission. [6]



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